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1. Texas Aoudad Hunting
(Aoudad Hunting Texas/Texas Aoudad Hunting)
... a reddish to sandy brown color.  The underparts of the animal are typically a lighter shade.  Both the females and bulls have a heavy fringe of hair on underneath their throats. The males hair ...
2. Ram Hunting Texas
(Texas Ram Hunting/Ram Hunting Texas)
... to their horn size and the species. At Hoffman Ranch, we try to maintain several Ram herds on the property which offers our hunting guests a tremendous variety of animals. If your interested in Ram hunting ...
3. Texas Deer Hunting at Hoffman Ranch
(Texas Deer Hunting/Deer Hunting Texas )
... near black color pattern with a white rump patch that stands out. The second phase is when the animal has a white or cream color which will also look whiter during the winter than in its summer ...
4. Fallow Deer Hunting at Hoffman Ranch
(Fallow Deer Hunting Texas/Texas Fallow Deer Hunting)
... in summer with much darker coats in winter • Only bucks have antlers, broad and shovel shaped. Grazing animals with preferred habitat of mixed woodlands and open grasslands. During rut bucks spread ...
5. Exotic Game Hunting at Hoffman Ranch
(Exotic Game Hunting Texas/Texas Exotic Game Hunting)
... considered to be one of the most beautiful animals with their reddish-brown coats and a distinctive white and black saddle patch and a white underbelly. The Rams have a black ruff coat that extends from ...
6. Blackbuck Hunting
(Texas Blackbuck Hunting/Blackbuck Hunting Texas)
Blackbuck Antelope (Indian Antelope) • The Blackbuck is one of the fastest of all terrestrial animals which can make Blackbuck hunting very difficult. The Blackbuck can reach speeds of up to 80 ...
7. Axis Hunting at Hoffman Ranch
(Axis Deer Hunting Texas/Texas Axis Deer Hunting)
... and best cooked with added fats. You will enjoy some of the finest Axis hunting in Texas at Hoffman Ranch. We breed and maintain a great genetic line of the highest quality animals at Hoffman Ranch. Be ...
8. New to deer hunting? Learn how at Hoffman Ranch
(About the Ranch/Texas Hunting)
...  Our goal at the ranch it is raise the finest of breed animals for our guests to enjoy, and help make our guests feel welcome while they are hunting. Many families have come to the ranch for a hunting ...
9. Our Accomodations will Make Your Hunting Trip Comfortable
(About the Ranch/Texas Deer Hunting)
... of finest of breed animals available in Texas. Visit the hunting ranch photo gallery to see more of the property and facilities.   ...
10. What a Great Gift for Dad
(About the Ranch/Hunting Ranch in Texas)
... you make sure you reach your hunting goals at the ranch. Whether your hunting exotics or deer, we always have a lot of animals in season available year round. You may remember a father and son hunting ...
12. Welcome to Hunt Hoffman Ranch
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Come enjoy Whitetail Deer and Exotic hunting Texas Hill Country Style. Hoffman Ranch is located only a few hours from Austin or San Antonio. We have some of the largest Whitetail and Axis Deer in Texas ...
13. Live Animal Sales
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... or to get started in the breeding industry, come talk to us. For more information about live animal sales, please contact JB Hoffman.    ...
14. Price List
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Deer and Exotic Animal Hunting  Trophy Fees Whitetail Deer Hunts       Buck - Management - up to 120" Please call for pricing   Trophy - up to ...
15. Hoffman Ranch Galleries
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Hoffman Ranch Galleries