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Axis Deer Hunting Texas - Texas Axis Deer Hunting

Axis Deer Hunting (a.k.a. Chital)

texas axis hunting

• Striking reddish-brown coats marked by white spots arranged in undisciplined rows along their sides. They have a black dorsal stripe and a white bib on their throat, white inner legs, stomach, and undertail. They stay spotted all of their life unlike whitetail deer.
• Male Axis Deer
     Height 29 – 39.5 inches
     Weight 145 – 250 pounds
     Antlers 22 – 27 inches, trophies 30 – 36 inches
• Introduced in Texas in 1932. Texas has the largest U.S. population
• Typical antler structure of 3 points on each side consisting of main beam, 1 secondary point halfway up the main beam, and a brow tine. However, 4 points aren’t uncommon.
• Axis deer produce lean meat with 0.2% fat or less, therefore, legally “fat free”
• Axis deer graze on native Texas grasses: curly-mesquite, Indian grass, side oats grain, big and little blue stem. They also do well on improved grasses such as Klein. Seasonally, they do well on winter wheat. When grass isn’t sufficient in quantity they may browse. Browse species include live oak and hackberry. Mast includes acorns and mushrooms.
• In a ranched situation, Axis deer are disease resistant and do not require inoculations or worming. Texas fleas and ticks appear to be species specific and don’t bother Axis deer.
• Axis deer have a high fertility rate and can breed year round, usually based on their birth ate. It has been said that a primary harvester has never harvested a female that wasn’t pregnant, lactating, or both.
• Gestation is approximately 7.5 months (210 – 238 days). In Texas, fawing peaks in January – April and October – November. It is reported that males in velvet can breed.8-12 month old females can breed but first fawning is usually at 23 months or later.
• Females are capable of producing 4 fawns in 3 years and are productive to at least 15 years old.
• 1 Axis buck can service 10 – 40 does
• They originally come from the tropics of India, and are also called Chital, which means spotted in Hindustani
• Axis bucks to not follow a seasonal rut. Bucks can be found in hard and velvet at the same time any time of the year, and means fawning can occur in any month.
• Antlers sweep back into upward curve and have 3 points each. Most often in 20 inch range. Antlers in 30 inch range are excellent trophies, and if 36 inches they are exceptional. The world record is 41 inches.
• Axis meat is delicious and even preferred to whitetail by many people. Like whitetail venison, it is extremely lean and best cooked with added fats.

You will enjoy some of the finest Axis hunting in Texas at Hoffman Ranch. We breed and maintain a great genetic line of the highest quality animals at Hoffman Ranch. Be sure to check out some of the Axis deer from some of our previous hunts in our photo galleries.