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Aoudad Hunting Texas - Texas Aoudad Hunting

Aoudad Sheep Hunting TexasBody Length: 130-165 cm / 4.3-5.5 ft.
Shoulder Height: 75-110 cm / 2.5-3.7 ft.
Tail Length: 15-20 cm / 6-8 in.
Weight: 30-145 kg / 66-319 lb.

The short, bristly outer coat of the Aoudad Sheep has a reddish to sandy brown color.  The underparts of the animal are typically a lighter shade.  Both the females and bulls have a heavy fringe of hair on underneath their throats. The males hair fringe extends down the neck to cover the chest and front legs of the animal.  Their bodies are quite sturdy and thick.  Their horns are thick and triangular and also found in both sexes. The males horns are usually slightly larger in diameter.  Another unique feature of the horns are their fine rings. The horns will curve in a semi-circle over the back, and can grow up 22 inches.

Aoudad Sheep are normally most active in the early morning to late afternoon.  Your Aoudad Sheep hunting experience at Hoffman Hunting Ranch will be one of the best exotic hunting adventures you’ll have. Contact us to arrange an Aoudad Sheep hunting trip for your family or guests.