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Fallow Deer Hunting Texas - Texas Fallow Deer Hunting

Fallow Deer Hunting

texasfallowdeerhunting• Fallow Deer Males: 140 to 160 cm long and 90 – 100 cm shoulder height and 60 – 85 kg in weight
• 130 – 150 cm long and 75 – 85 cm shoulder height and 30 – 50 kg in weight
• Fawns horn in spring
• Life span 12 – 16 years
• All fallow deer have white spots on backs and black tips at end of tails
• Common coat is brown with white mottles most pronounced in summer with much darker coats in winter
• Only bucks have antlers, broad and shovel shaped. Grazing animals with preferred habitat of mixed woodlands and open grasslands. During rut bucks spread out and females move between them, the rest of the year they group together up to 150 per herd.

The Fallow Deer is a wonderful animal to hunt and makes a beautiful edition to a trophy room. Contact Hoffman Ranch for a Fallow Deer hunting trip.