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Whitetail Deer Hunting Texas - Texas Whitetail Deer Hunting

whitetailedbuckWhitetail Deer Profile

• The Whitetail is a medium sized deer
• Most commonly the Whitetail is found east of the Rockies
• Coat is reddish-brown in spring and summer, turning gray-brown in fall and winter
• Recognized by the characteristic white underside to its tail which it shows as a signal of alarm by raising the tail during escape
• Males: 130 – 300 lbs, in rare cases 375 lbs
• Does: 90 – 200 lbs
• Length from 62 – 87 inches including tail
• Shoulder Height: 32 – 40 inches
• 1 in 10,000 does have antlers
• Antler length and branching is genetic and can be influenced by diet
• Length of snout and color of coat best indicate age of deer
• Typical antlers are symmetrical and points grow up off a main beam. Non-typical are asymmetrical and points may project at any angle from main beam. Inside spread can be from 3 – 25 inches. Bucks shed antlers when all does have been bred, from late December to February

Hoffman Ranch offers some of the largest Whitetail Deer in Texas.  Contact us for a Whitetail Deer hunting trip.