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About the Ranch - Texas Hunting

learn to hunt whitetail Deer Hunting in Texas is great fun for everyone from young adults to seniors. Beginners are always welcome at Hoffman Ranch. Your children, friends, co-workers or prospects will learn a lot about hunting from our experienced hunting crew. With a 1 on 1 hunting guide, we will make sure you achieve the results you desire from your hunt. Bring home the meat and some great stories to share with your family.

Our goal at the ranch it is raise the finest of breed animals for our guests to enjoy, and help make our guests feel welcome while they are hunting. Many families have come to the ranch for a hunting trip and everyone of them has had a great time.

We offer a good variety of deer and exotic species so everyone on your trip can enjoy an animal in their price range and trophy value.  We offer field dressing, quartering, and caping of your animal but is not included in the price of your animal. Taxidermy services are performed off site but we can handle the taxidermy and have your prize delivered after your hunting trip.

Our overall value and quality of experience is what makes hunting at Hoffman Ranch so perfect. All of the meals will be home cooked and usually involve a lot of outdoor cooking. If you have your animal processed or process it yourself, we will prepare a sample of the meat for you(as long as you don't mind sharing with the Cook).